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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Sacred Sites Preservation Project

Here in this photo Aj & Alex meet with the Elders of the Gudang/Yadhaykenu tribe, from left to right (Alex Wymarra, Uncle Easter, Uncle George, AJ, Uncle Shorty)

1-on-1 with Sacred Sites Preservation Projects Directors, AJ, Alex and Bryan

After many many discussions and much more thought, being busy in the lives we were already leading our stars finally aligned and Sacred Sites Preservation Project was created and we decided we were going to make a change and decided to set up this non for profit charity organization to not only protect sacred sites but also the preservation of sites was paramount due to the fact that sacred sites are getting destroyed and vandalised around the world due to ignorance and greed and we knew we had to be a voice that needs to be heard, if anyone wants to contact us about any sacred sites that need addressing we welcome you to join our fight for the right.

Somerset Cemetery.jpg

Sacred Sites Preservation Project and Traditional Owners from Gudang Yadhaykenu have a vision!

Together with the Traditional Owners of Cape York Queensland Australia (Northern Peninsula Area) the Gudang Yadhaykenu tribe have a vision of converting the Sacred Site area above to become the beautiful gardens of Pulu (Somerset) Queensland called " Pulu Memorial Gardens". Here we plan to build a gorgeous parkland style gardens with toilets with solar lighting throughout the park and water features and hardstand for car parking, CCTV monitoring, awnings to create shade with seating.

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